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PowerPoint 2007 Line Spacing


Adjust PowerPoint 2007 Line Spacing in Text Boxes
Adjust PowerPoint line spacing

Adjust PowerPoint line spacing

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PowerPoint 2007 Line Spacing

Using the line spacing feature in PowerPoint allows you to avoid reducing the font size if it is necessary to squeeze in just that little bit more text on the slide. However, always be aware that less text on a PowerPoint slide is always the goal.

Line spacing in PowerPoint refers to the amount of space before and/or after a paragraph on a slide. It is a far better practice to use this forgotten feature (or perhaps it is an unknown feature) than to press the Enter key to add a new bullet point.

Steps to change PowerPoint 2007 line spacing

  1. Select the appropriate text in the text box on the slide.
    (Note - If you simply click in the text box and do not actually select all the text you want to change, only that one line of text will see the changes.)

  2. Right click on any part of the selected text.

  3. Select Paragraph... from the shortcut menu.

  4. In the Spacing section of the Paragraph dialog box, make the change(s) you want for the text.
    • Before: - will change the amount of space before each paragraph.
    • After: - will change the amount of space after each paragraph.
    • Line Spacing: - several options are available, such as single space, 1.5 lines, and even "Exactly" which allows you to enter an amount that is precise and not common.
  5. Click OK when you have made all your changes. The new changes will be immediately reflected on the slide.

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