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How Do You Print Slides in a PowerPoint Show File?

Printing PowerPoint Show Files, Not Presentation Files


change file extensions from PowerPoint show to PowerPoint presentation

Change file extension from .pps to .ppt

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A reader recently asked ...

"Is it possible to print a nice PP slideshow that I received in an email so I can mail it to a friend who does not own a computer? Of course, the show just opens when I click on the link and the right click menu doesn't help."


PowerPoint show files are emailed everyday around the world. Often they contain inspirational messages or just beautiful pictures. Clicking on the attached link, or if you have saved the file to your computer and then double click on the file icon, opens the show automatically. How then, can you print out the contents of the presentation?

A PowerPoint show file has a file extension of .PPS, whereas a PowerPoint presentation file has a .PPT file extension. Believe it or not, that is the only difference. So you can print out the contents of the presentation in one of two ways.

Method One to Print a PowerPoint Show File
  1. Rather than double clicking on the file to open it (as this starts the show), instead open the presentation as if you were going to edit it.
    • PowerPoint 2007 - Click the Office button > Open and locate the presentation show file.
    • PowerPoint 2003 - Choose File > Open and locate the presentation show file.
  2. Print the desired slide(s) in the format you want.

Method Two to Print a PowerPoint Show File
  1. Rename the show file by changing the file extension.
    • Save the show file to your computer.
    • Right click on the filename and choose the Rename option from the shortcut menu.
    • Change the file extension from .PPS to .PPT and save. You have now changed this show file to a working presentation file.
  2. Open the newly renamed PowerPoint presentation file.

  3. Print the desired slide(s) in the format you want. (See links above).
File Extensions Are Not Visible on Your Computer?

Whether the file extensions are shown is a setting in Windows and not within PowerPoint. This quick tip will show you how to make the file extensions visible on your computer.

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