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PowerPoint 2007 Tips and FAQs

PowerPoint 2007 tips, tricks and FAQs (frequently asked questions) to help you navigate through PowerPoint and to make your PowerPoint presentations for business, the classroom or just for home use, more effective.
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Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed Up PowerPoint Presentations
Speed up the creation phase of your presentation by using keyboard shortcuts.

10 Things I Always Forget How To Do In PowerPoint
Do you ever forget how to do a certain task in PowerPoint -- one that seemed so easy at the time? Here are ten solutions to things I always forget how to do in PowerPoint, and maybe you do too.

Pin Important PowerPoint 2007 Files to Recent Documents List
Pin important or frequently used PowerPoint 2007 files to the Recent Documents file list for quick access.

PowerPoint Tips Central
These PowerPoint tip collections might have just the help you were looking for on a variety of PowerPoint topics. Check out these PowerPoint tips to get you on the way to better presentations.

Time-Saving Tips for PowerPoint 2007
These PowerPoint 2007 time-saving tips will help you speed up production when creating your next presentations.

Change Default View Setting for PowerPoint 2007
Change the default settings for how to view PowerPoint 2007 slides.

Can I Change and Save the Colors of a PowerPoint 2007 Design Theme?
Is it possible to change and save the PowerPoint design theme colors to use in other presentations?

How Can I Permanently Change the Default Font in PowerPoint 2007?
Permanently change the default font in PowerPoint 2007.

What Version of PowerPoint Do I Have?
What version of PowerPoint do I have on my computer?

Using the Slide Master in PowerPoint
Don't make the same change to a slide multiple times. Use the PowerPoint slide master to do it for you.

Random PowerPoint Tips
Learn more about PowerPoint - one tip at a time. Check back daily for a new PowerPoint tip.

The 10 Most Common PowerPoint 2007 Terms
PowerPoint 2007 has a few new terms that were not present in earlier versions of PowerPoint. Learn about the 10 most common terms and definitions used in PowerPoint 2007. Here is a quick list for beginners of the 10 most common terms used in PowerPoint 2007 and their definitions.

Pause a PowerPoint Slide Show with a Black or White Screen
Use a keyboard shortcut to blank the screen during a PowerPoint slide show by showing a black or white screen.

Change a PowerPoint Show File to a Working PowerPoint Presentation
It's a simple matter to change a PowerPoint show file back to a presentation in the creation stage.

Copy objects to the PowerPoint clipboard to use on PowerPoint slides.
Copy objects to the PowerPoint clipboard to use on PowerPoint slides.

Locate PowerPoint 2007 Properties
Locate the properties of a PowerPoint 2007 presentation.

Turn Off PowerPoint Option to Select Entire Words
Turn off option to select entire word when selecting text in PowerPoint.

Add Slide Numbers to PowerPoint 2007 Slides
Slide numbers can be displayed on each PowerPoint 2007 slide for quick and easy reference.

PowerPoint 2007 Speaker Notes Pages
Use PowerPoint speaker notes pages for more than just notes about the slide.

Increase PowerPoint 2007 Slide Number Size
Increase the size of the slide numbers on all your PowerPoint slides.

Can I Use PowerPoint on My iPhone or iPod?
How you can use your iPhone or iPod to show your PowerPoint presentation?

How Do I Access Help in PowerPoint 2007?
How to access Help in PowerPoint 2007 - it's hidden in plain view.

Why Won't the Sound Play on a PowerPoint 2007 Slide When it i…
How do you get the sound to play on a PowerPoint slide when you redisplay the slide during a presentation?

PowerPoint ScreenTips
How do I turn off PowerPoint ScreenTips?

Write on PowerPoint 2007 Slides During a Slide Show
Write on slides during a PowerPoint slide show.

How Do I Do That Again in PowerPoint?
Is there a specific task that you always seem to forget how to do in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint Printing Tip
PowerPoint printing options are many. You can print out handouts, notes or single slide pages in PowerPoint.

10 Common PowerPoint Conundrums
Answers to ten of the most frequent questions I get about issues with PowerPoint.

Quick Fixes for PowerPoint Sound and Photo Problems
Quick fixes for sound and photo problems with PowerPoint presentations.

Create an Email Link in PowerPoint
Create an email link on a PowerPoint slide from a text string or a graphic object.

Annotate PowerPoint Slides
How can I underline words during a PowerPoint slide show?

Loop a PowerPoint Slideshow
Set your PowerPoint slideshow to loop continuously.

What are Your Pet Peeves About PowerPoint?
Do you have a pet peeve with PowerPoint that just drives you crazy?

Time Saving Tips for Microsoft Office 2007
Microsoft Office 2007 is very different than previous versions of the software. These time saving tips for PowerPoint, Excel, Access and Word will make the transition a breeze.

Copy a PowerPoint 2007 Design Theme to Another Presentation
Copy an existing or edited PowerPoint 2007 design theme from one presentation to another.

PowerPoint 2007 Line Spacing
Adjust the line spacing in PowerPoint 2007 to allow for more text on the slide.

Select Objects Quickly on PowerPoint Slides
Quickly select the object on the PowerPoint slide that needs editing.

Use PowerPoint AutoCorrect as a Shortcut
Use PowerPoint AutoCorrect feature as a shortcut to quickly enter repetitive or lengthy text phrases.

Create a Default Presentation in PowerPoint 2007
Create a default presentation in PowerPoint 2007 to suit your own specific needs. This is great for business where all presentations need to share a common look and feel. This will be the starting, blank template for each new PowerPoint 2007 presentation you create.

Quick Zoom in PowerPoint 2007
Use the quick zoom feature in PowerPoint 2007. Zoom out or zoom in quickly to PowerPoint slides.

Can I Install Different Versions of PowerPoint on the Same Computer?
Is it possible to install two versions of PowerPoint (or the Microsoft Office package) on the same computer?

Backwards Save PowerPoint 2007 Presentations
Backwards save your PowerPoint 2007 presentation to make it compatible with earlier versions of PowerPoint.

How Do I Change the Options Settings in PowerPoint 2007?
The PowerPoint 2007 options are no longer located in the Tools menu.

Turn Off PowerPoint Option to Select Entire Words
Turn off option to select entire word when selecting text in PowerPoint.

View Two PowerPoint Presentations at the Same Time
Compare two or more PowerPoint presentations by viewing them on screen at the same time.

Change the Indents on PowerPoint Bulleted or Numbered Lists
Change the indents of bulleted lists on PowerPoint slides.

Fixing Errors with Microsoft Office 2007 Diagnostics
Microsoft Office 2007 Diagnostics is a group of tests that can be used to help correct errors in Microsoft Office files or give further information that can be used fix problems found on the hard drive and computer memory.

Content Slide Templates for PowerPoint 2007
Free PowerPoint 2007 content slide templates to download.

How Do You Print Slides in a PowerPoint Show File?
PowerPoint show files will open automatically when you double click on the file icon. So, how do you print out the slides?

Alt Tab Fast Switching of Windows Documents
Switch quickly to open documents on your computer using the keyboard shortcut of Alt + Tab fast switching. In Windows Vista, this is known as Windows Flip.

Resume Your PowerPoint Show After a Pause
Stop a PowerPoint show, tackle other tasks and then resume the slide show at the same spot.

Create a Menu Slide in PowerPoint
Create a menu or summary slide in PowerPoint 2007 to quickly link to other slides in your presentation.

Different Methods to Copy Slides in PowerPoint
There are many ways to copy slides in PowerPoint. Reuse slides to save time in a new presentation.

Animate Text One Word or One Letter at a Time
PowerPoint text animations have text entry on the slide either as one word at a time or as one letter at a time.

Widescreen Format in PowerPoint Presentations
Create your PowerPoint presentation in a widescreen format.

Portrait Orientation Slides in PowerPoint Presentations
Change the slides to show them in portrait orientation in PowerPoint.

Portrait and Landscape Orientation Slides in the Same Presentation
Use both portrait and landscape orientations in PowerPoint slide shows.

PowerPoint Slide Show View in Quarter Screen
View your PowerPoint slide show in a quarter screen while you work on it at the same time.

What is the PowerPoint 2007 Office Button Used For?
What is the Office Button in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007?

Reuse Slides from Other PowerPoint Presentations
Reuse slides from existing PowerPoint presentations. Reusing slides is a real time saver to presenters. Why reinvent the wheel?

Copy PowerPoint Slides from One Presentation to Another
Copy slides in PowerPoint from one presentation to another, using this step by step tutorial with screen shots.

Copy Slides to Another PowerPoint Presentation - Text Only Version
Learn the different ways to copy slides from one presentation to another

Add Hyperlinks to PowerPoint Presentations
Hyperlinks in PowerPoint allow you to link to another slide, another presentation file, a specific slide in another presentation, a Web site, any file on your computer or to an email address.

Use Hidden Slides in PowerPoint Presentations
Use hidden slides to contain extra information in your PowerPoint presentation. These hidden slides are not shown during the slide show.

Animation Schemes in PowerPoint 2007?
Did animation schemes disappear in PowerPoint 2007?

PowerPoint Recently Used File List is Greyed Out
The recently used file list is greyed out and unavailable for change in PowerPoint.

How Can I Start Up Another Presenter's PowerPoint Seamlessly?
Create a hyperlink to open another presenter's PowerPoint presentation seamlessly.

PowerPoint 2007 Presentations as PDF Files
PowerPoint 2007 presentations can be saved in PDF format to reduce the file size when emailing and retain the look of the slides for printing.

End PowerPoint 2007 Slide Shows with a Black Slide
End your PowerPoint 2007 slide show with a black slide. This indicates to the audience, in a professional way, that the show is over.

Use the PowerPoint 2007 Sound Clip Organizer
Many sound clips are installed in the PowerPoint 2007 sound clip organizer to add to your presentation for effect.

Save Sounds That are Embedded in PowerPoint Slide Shows
Save the sound or music selection that is embedded into a slide show.

Microsoft Office Diagnostics Can Repair PowerPoint 2007
Repair problems in the PowerPoint 2007 program by running Microsoft Office Diagnostics.

How Do I Stop the Automatic Capitalization in PowerPoint 2007/2010?
Make changes to PowerPoint's AutoCorrect feature to stop automatic capitalization of the first word in a line of text.

Add a Date and Time to a PowerPoint 2007 Slide Show
Add a date and/or time to a PowerPoint slide show.

Customize or Modify the Quick Access Toolbar in PowerPoint 2007
The quick access toolbar is useful for commands that you use frequently. Customize or modify the quick access toolbar to suit your needs.

Using AutoCorrect in PowerPoint 2007
The AutoCorrect feature in PowerPoint 2007 makes corrections to common misspellings and typos quickly and immediately. Use AutoCorrect as a quick way to enter repetitive, lengthy phrases.

Create Invisible PowerPoint Hyperlink to Webpage - PowerPoint Invisible...
Link to webpages from PowerPoint slides using invisible hyperlinks.

Show File Extensions on All Files on Your Computer
Turn on feature to show file extensions on PowerPoint files and all files in your computer.

Create PowerPoint Presentations Using Text Editors
A text editor, such as Notepad in Windows, can be used as a quick tool to create a PowerPoint presentation on the fly. You can save time by creating the presentation outline in the text editor and save it in a format to use in PowerPoint.

Hide the PowerPoint 2007 Ribbon
Hide the PowerPoint 2007 Ribbon

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