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PowerPoint 2007 Transition Sound List


How Do I Remove Extra PowerPoint Transition Sounds From the List of Sounds?
Remove extra PowerPoint transition sounds from list of available sounds

Remove extra PowerPoint transition sounds from list of available sounds

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PowerPoint 2007 Transition Sounds

A reader of the Presentation Software Forum was asking about sounds for PowerPoint 2007 slide transitions. The problem was that after using the Other Sound... option to utilize several sounds not currently in the list, the reader changed her mind and did not want to use any of these sounds again. These sounds remained in the list and this made for additional scrolling. The reader wanted to know how to remove these additional sound titles from this list.

Unfortunately, these sounds will remain in the list for this presentation. I found a workaround for this issue by copying the slides to a new presentation.

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Remove Additional Transition Sounds from the List of Available Sounds

  1. Open the original presentation if it is not already opened.
  2. Open a new presentation as well.
  3. Click on the View tab of the ribbon and from the Window section, click on the Arrange All button. Both presentations will now be visible on the screen.
  4. Click on the window of the original presentation to make it the active presentation.
  5. Click on the Animations tab of the ribbon.
  6. For the Transition Sound make sure that [No Sound] is selected in the list of sound options.
  7. In the Slides/Outline pane, hold the Ctrl key while you select each thumbnail version of the slides you wish to copy.
  8. Right click on any one of the selected slides and choose Copy from the shortcut menu.
  9. Click on the new presentation to make it the active presentation.
  10. Right click in the Slides/Outline pane in the new presentation and choose Paste from the shortcut menu. All the copied slides should now appear in the new presentation.
  11. The extra sounds will no longer be in the list of sounds in the new presentation.

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