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Default PowerPoint Animation Settings for Slide Shows


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How Can I Change the Default PowerPoint 2007 Animation Settings?
Create default animation settings for PowerPoint slides

Create default animation settings for PowerPoint slides

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Change Default Animation Settings to "After Previous"

Recently, I received the following question from a reader:
"I use custom animations a lot, and I find myself almost always wanting to change the start "on click" option to start "after previous". This is getting tiresome, so I was wondering if there is a way to change the default itself, from "on click" to "after previous" (if not for all new documents, which would be great, at least for a given presentation?)."


I have not found a place in PowerPoint to change this default setting for the custom animations. But ... I did figure out a "work around" so that you could make the setting once in your presentation and then have that setting be carried over to the remainder of your slides.

Note - This method will only work for a new presentation, not one that has already been created.

Create the Default PowerPoint Animation(s)

  1. Start a new presentation.
  2. Insert a picture on the slide.
  3. Set the custom animation for that picture.
  4. Click on the border of the title placeholder for the slide, but do not bother to add any text. (Note - If you click inside the placeholder instead of on the border, PowerPoint expects you to add text.)
  5. Set the custom animation for the title placeholder -- in this example we want After Previous. These settings (for both the picture and the title placeholder) will become the default settings for objects in this presentation.
  6. In the Slides/Outline pane, right click on the thumbnail view of the slide and choose Copy from the shortcut menu.
  7. Right click in a blank area of the Slides/Outline pane and choose Paste from the shortcut menu. A duplicate thumbnail slide will appear.
  8. Continue to paste the original slide in the Slides/Outline pane as many times as you need for this presentation.

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