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Printing in PowerPoint 2007


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Printing Options in the PowerPoint 2007 Print Dialog Box
Printing options in PowerPoint 2007

Printing options in PowerPoint 2007

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Overview of Printing Options

  1. Choose the correct printer. If you have more than one printer installed, use the drop-down arrow to select the correct printer.

  2. Select the Print range. You can choose all slides, just the current slide, or select specific slides to print. Use a comma to separate a list of specific slides.

  3. Choose the number of copies to print. If you print more than one, each set can be printed and sorted by checking the Collate box.

  4. The Print what area has four options in the drop-down list -- Slides, Handouts, Notes Pages or Outline View.

  5. You can opt to scale the printout to fit special paper and also to place frames around slides printed in Handouts view.

  6. A good way to save toner and paper is to Preview the printout before sending it to the printer, in case of errors.

  7. When you are satisfied with your selections, press the OK button.
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