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Widescreen Format in PowerPoint Presentations


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Show Your PowerPoint Presentation in Widescreen
Format PowerPoint in Widescreen

Format PowerPoint in Widescreen

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Widescreen Ratios

Widescreen format is the norm in movies today and widescreen has become the most popular choice for new laptops. It only follows that PowerPoint presentations are now being created in widescreen format too.

If there is any chance that you will need to show your presentation in widescreen, then you are wise to set this up prior to adding any information to your slides. Making a change to the setup of the slides at a later time, can cause your data to be stretched and distorted on the screen.

Advantages of Widescreen PowerPoint Presentations

  • uses all available space on your screen
  • is the newest presentation display of choice
  • more room for your information on the slide
  • less chance of your slide looking cluttered
  • shows that you, as a presenter, are up on the latest trends

Set Up for Widescreen in PowerPoint 2007

Set Up for Widescreen in PowerPoint 2003

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