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Create a Watermark on PowerPoint 2007 Slides


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Show a Faded Picture in the Background of PowerPoint 2007 Slides
Access the slide master in PowerPoint 2007 to create a watermark

Access the slide master in PowerPoint 2007

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Note - For this tutorial in PowerPoint 2003 and earlier - Watermarks in PowerPoint

Enhance Your Slides with a Watermark

A watermark can be added to all of your slides at once by placing the image on the slide master.

Watermarks can be as simple as a company logo placed in a corner of the slide to brand it, or can be a large image that is used as the background for the slide. In the case of a large image, the watermark is often faded so that it does not distract the audience from the content of your slides.

Access the Slide Master

  1. Click on the View tab of the ribbon.

  2. Click on the Slide Master button.

  3. Select the first thumbnail slide in the left task pane. This will ensure that all slides are affected by the following steps.

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