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Create a Family Tree Chart in PowerPoint 2007


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Create Your Family Tree Chart Using SmartArt Graphics
Use SmartArt icon on Title and Content slide for a family tree in PowerPoint 2007

Family tree is created using the the SmartArt icon on the Title and Content slide layout in PowerPoint 2007

Screen shot © Wendy Russell

Note - For this tutorial in PowerPoint 2003 and earlier - Create a Family Tree Chart in PowerPoint 2003

Choose the Slide Layout for the Family Tree Chart

  1. Click the Home tab of the ribbon if it is not already selected.

  2. In the Slides section of the ribbon, click the drop down button next to Layout.

  3. Select the Title and Content type of slide layout.

  4. Click the icon to Insert SmartArt Graphic.

Free Family Tree Chart Template to Download

If you would like to get right to adding your data to the family tree chart, check the shaded text box on page 9 of this tutorial. I have created a free family tree chart template for you to download and modify to suit your needs.
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