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Slide Layouts in PowerPoint


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The Opening Screen in PowerPoint 2003
Parts of the PowerPoint opening screen

Parts of the PowerPoint opening screen

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PowerPoint Opening Screen

When you first open PowerPoint, your screen should resemble the diagram above.

Areas of the Screen

Section 1. Each page of the working area of the presentation is called a slide. New presentations open with a Title slide in Normal view ready for editing.

Section 2. This area toggles between Slides view and Outline view. Slides view shows a tiny picture of all the slides in your presentation. Outline view shows the hierarchy of the text in your slides.

Section 3. The area to the right is the Task pane . Its contents vary depending on the current task. Initially, PowerPoint recognizes that you are just starting this presentation and lists appropriate options for you. To give yourself more room to work on your slide close this pane by clicking on the small X in the upper right corner.

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