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Here are answers to many of the questions I'm asked about the terms of use for the free files I've provided on this site.

Terms of Use:
You are free to use any of the files here for personal or commercial designs, either in print or on the Web, excluding items for resale. You may not give away, sell, or redistribute the files in any way. Do not post these files on any other Web site, electronically distribute them, or include them in any package for distribution. If you find these files useful, please include a credit line or a link back to this site http://presentationsoft.about.com. If you have questions about these terms, see my usage FAQs. (this page)
Terms of use last modified 01/25/07

If the files on your site are free to use, does that mean I can share them with my friends?
No. The files are free to use in your own projects, but you may not distribute them or post them on another site. If you want to share my files with someone, please refer them to this site so they can download them for themselves. There's a convenient "Email this page" link on every page so you can easily share the page with a friend.

I don't understand. If you are giving the files away for free, why can't I?
Only About.com and I hold the copyrights to the files. I'm able to offer my files for free because I get paid based on the advertising that appears on my site. If I allowed others to distribute my files no one would need to visit my site, therefore, I wouldn't get paid for my work.

How should I phrase the credit line when I use your files?
The credit line can be worded like this:
Some files/templates/images courtesy of Wendy Russell and About Presentation Software, http://presentationsoft.about.com. © Wendy Russell 2006-2007.

If used on a Web page, the URL should be hyperlinked.

I want to use your images or files in a project, but a link or credit line would detract from the overall design.
The credit line does not need to appear directly on or near the item. If you are using an image/file/template on a Web site, you may place a credit line at the bottom of the page or on a separate credits page. If you are using the item in a printed project, a credit is not necessary if it will detract from the design, but I would appreciate a link on your personal or business Web site if you have one. If used in a multimedia or CD-based project, please provide a credit line on a credits page at the end of the presentation, in the documentation, or include a credits.txt file on the distribution media.

Can I modify the files slightly and redistribute them in my own collection?
Generally, no. You may not modify or convert and distribute the files. The files should be used in the creation of your own unique project such as a Web site, brochure, business card, greeting card, multimedia presentation, and so forth. To summarize:

  • You may not post the files in their current form on another Web site.
  • You may not simply resize or convert the files to another format (without making any creative modifications) and post them strictly for the purposes of download.
  • You may use the files to create something of your own and do whatever you like with your new creation, as long as you credit the source per the instructions above and provide a link if it's used on the Web.
  • You may not use the unmodified files in items for resale, but you may use them as a basis for your own design, or in promotional items for a business.
If you think you have a unique situation that is not answered here, feel free to email me explaining how you'd like to use the files, and I'll give you an answer as soon as possible.

Why don't you allow the files to be used in items for resale?
If you are using the free files as the starting point or inspiration for creating your own design, I have no problem with that. I added the resale exception to my terms of use because a lot of people wanted to simply use my files or templates and sell them. I don't appreciate that. The free files and templates are here to inspire creativity, not to make easy money for someone else. If you can comfortably say what you are selling is your design, I won't send About.com's lawyers after you.

May I use the files/templates in a tutorial that I post online?
No. You may certainly use my files/templates/tutorials for your own use, but may not post them on your own Web site. You must refer your clients to http://presentationsoft.about.com.

May I purchase the rights to use the files/templates/images in some way that is not permitted in your terms of use?
No. Sorry, there are too many complications involved for me to consider that.

Where can I learn more about copyrights and usage issues?
10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained - "An attempt to answer common myths about copyright seen on the Net and cover issues related to copyright and USENET/Internet publication."

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