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Examples of PowerPoint 2010 Charts Animated By Series


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Refresher on How to Animate the Whole PowerPoint Chart
Animate the PowerPoint chart as one object

Animate the PowerPoint chart as one object

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In this article we are using a column chart. Follow these steps to Insert a Column Chart on a PowerPoint Slide

Important Note - In order to insert a chart onto a PowerPoint slide, you must have installed Excel 2010 in addition to PowerPoint 2010.

Animate PowerPoint Chart as One Object

The most common chart animation on a PowerPoint slide is the show the chart as a whole, all in one animation.

  1. Select the chart on the PowerPoint slide.
  2. Click on the Animations tab of the ribbon.
  3. Select one of the most popular animations shown on the ribbon, or click on the drop down arrow to the right of the animation styles shown, to reveal more options.
  4. Click on the animation of your choice to apply it to the chart. A preview will appear on the slide to show you how this animation will work. If you want to make a change, simply select another animation.

The animated image above shows the effect of applying an animation to the whole chart on the slide. To restart the animation if it has stopped, click on the image above to open a new window, or press F5, the keyboard shortcut to refresh the browser window.

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