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Examples of PowerPoint Chart Data Animated by Category


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What Are PowerPoint Chart Data Categories?
This animated PowerPoint chart shows data animated by category. Plot area is also animated.

This animated PowerPoint chart shows data animated by category. Plot area is also animated.

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What Are PowerPoint Chart Data Categories?

The categories on a PowerPoint chart are the items listed along the bottom of the chart on the X axis. In the animated image shown above, these category items are the months of July, August and September, being the months of the third quarter of this company.

The Goal of the Animated Chart
For our fictitious handbag company, the third quarter sales results are in. The presenter wants to focus on the monthly sales -- the category -- for each style of handbag -- Hobo, Satchel, Evening Bag -- in this quarter. Refer to the animated chart above to see the animation in action.

In this article we are using a column chart. Follow these steps to Insert a Column Chart on a PowerPoint Slide

Important Note - In order to insert a column chart onto a PowerPoint slide, you must have installed Excel 2010 in addition to PowerPoint 2010.

  • Apply an Animation to the Chart
    1. Click on the border of the chart on the PowerPoint slide to select it. (Clicking on the border will select the whole chart rather than just one component of the chart.)
    2. Click on the Animations tab of the ribbon.
    3. Select one of the most popular animations shown on the ribbon, or click on the drop down arrow to the right of the animation styles shown, to reveal more options.
    4. Click on the animation of your choice to apply it to the chart. A preview will appear on the slide to show you how this animation will work. If you want to make a change, simply select another animation.
  • Open the Animation Pane
    1. To make changes to the default setting, (which is to animate the whole chart), it is necessary to open the Animation Pane. Click on the chart to select it (if it is not already selected).
    2. Click on the Animation tab of the ribbon.
    3. Look to the right side of the ribbon in the Advanced Animation section.
    4. Click on the Animation Pane button.
    5. The Animation Pane opens to the right of the slide.
  • Open the Effect Options
    1. Notice the selected entry in the Animation Pane. This is the animation style you applied in the steps above.
    2. Click the drop down arrow to the right of the listed animation.
    3. Click on Effect Options... dialog box.
      Note that the dialog box name will be the name of the animation style you chose originally.
    4. Click on the Chart Animation tab of the dialog box.
    5. In the Group chart: section, click the drop down arrow to reveal choices for your chart animation.
    6. Select By Category.
    7. Note - To animate the chart plot area (the grid behind the chart columns), leave the box beside Start animation by drawing the chart background checked . To animate just the chart objects, remove this check mark from the box.
    8. Click OK when you have made all your selections.
  • The Animated Chart Results - Data By Category
    1. Choosing to animate the chart By Category means that all items of each month (the category) will appear at once.
      For example - All handbag styles for the month of July will appear at once, followed by all handbag styles for the month of August and so on.
    2. In this example shown above, the plot area is animated as well as the chart data.

Note - Refer to the animated image above to review the chart. To restart the animation if it has stopped, click on the image to open a new window with the animated image.

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