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Get Ready to Add Animation to a PowerPoint Chart
Select the PowerPoint chart to make it active and ready for animations

Select the PowerPoint chart to make it active and ready for animations

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Is Adding Animation to Charts Different than to Other Objects?

The process for applying an animation to a PowerPoint chart is done the same as with any other object on a PowerPoint slide. However, chart objects have additional options for the animation that are not available to other objects.

Important Note - In order to work with charts in PowerPoint, you must have installed Excel 2010 in addition to PowerPoint 2010, (unless the chart is pasted from another source).

Why Would You Want to Apply an Animation to a Chart?

First things first. Any presenter "worth his salt" makes sure to use animations sparingly -- only for special emphasis. This brings the attention of the audience back in play (in case they have drifted off), so you can drive your point home.

Keeping that emphasis in mind, you might want to:

  • focus on only one aspect of the chart -- a specific month where overall sales were fabulous (or not) or for one type of data only
  • animate the individual parts of a pie chart or a line chart
  • animate the whole plot area, not just the main features of the chart
  • animate all the columns in a chart to grow one at a time -- either automatically or one after the other
These are just a few suggestions for uses of an animated chart on a PowerPoint slide.

Let's Get Started

This step-by-step tutorial will take you through the steps to add an animation effect to a PowerPoint chart. For this example we will be using the column chart to feature our data.

  1. Open a PowerPoint presentation containing a column chart.
  2. Click on a blank area of the chart to activate it. (Clicking on a blank area selects the whole chart object and not just a specific part of the chart.)

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