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Using Paste Special Command When Copying Content into PowerPoint


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Copying Content by Linking from Microsoft Word to PowerPoint
Copy text from Microsoft Word

Copy text from Microsoft Word

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Why Link Content from Microsoft Word to PowerPoint?

In this example, I will use content saved in Microsoft Word that will be used in PowerPoint.

Copying content from one program to another is a time-saver, rather than inputting the information a second time. However, just copying the content in Word and simply pasting that same information into PowerPoint will never reflect any changes made to the Word information. That is the reason for linking the Word content to PowerPoint. Anytime changes are made to the original Word document, these changes can be updated the next time the PowerPoint presentation is opened.

  1. Drag over the text in Word to select it.
  2. Right click anywhere on the highlighted selected text.
  3. Select Copy from the shortcut menu.

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