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Remove Automatic Hyperlinks on PowerPoint Slides


How Can I Remove Hyperlinks on a PowerPoint Slide?
Remove hyperlinks on PowerPoint slides

Remove hyperlinks on PowerPoint slides

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How Can I Remove Hyperlinks on a PowerPoint Slide?

Microsoft programs immediately recognize when you type a hyperlink. Conveniently, PowerPoint (or other Microsoft program) converts the text you typed into a hyperlink. Sounds good, right?

Well, what if you want the hyperlink to show just as text and not as a link on the slide? For example: Perhaps your presentation is using one the the many design themes. Sometimes, the hyperlinked text is not easily readable (see the image above). Or, maybe you just don't like the look of the text having the usual line showing under the hyperlink. Whatever your reason, it is an easy fix to remove the hyperlink.

Remove Hyperlinks From PowerPoint Slides

  1. Navigate to the slide containing the hyperlink.
  2. Right click on the hyperlink.
  3. From the shortcut menu that appears, click on Remove Hyperlink.
  4. The hyperlink is removed and the text reverts to the same color as other text on the slide.

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