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Tips and Tutorials About Photos, Graphics and Clip Art in PowerPoint

Free PowerPoint 2003 tutorials and tips on adding and editing pictures, graphic objects and clip art.

10 Photo Tips for PowerPoint 2003
Using photos at times to replace the bulleted text items can have a real impact on how your presentation goes across.

10 Tips About PowerPoint Graphics

Graphics such as drawings, clip art or graphs are frequently used in PowerPoint to get the point across visually. These ten PowerPoint graphics tips will aid you in creating a better PowerPoint presention.

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Optimize Photos to Use in Presentation Software
Optimizing photos to use in PowerPoint presentations. Microsoft Office Picture Manager is a quick and easy tool to use to optimize photos.

Add Clip Art and Pictures to PowerPoint Slides
Inserting pictures on your computer into Microsoft PowerPoint slides takes just a few clicks.

Crop Pictures in PowerPoint
Crop pictures to remove unwanted parts of the picture and reduce overall file size.

Retain Photo Placement on PowerPoint Slide While Resizing
Keep the same photo location when you resize the picture.

Large PowerPoint File Sizes?
What do photos / clip art and PowerPoint file sizes have in common?

Compress Photos in PowerPoint 2003 to Reduce Large File Sizes
The file size of PowerPoint presentations containing large photos can be dramatically reduced by compressing the photos in the presentation.

Create Your Family Tree Chart
Free family tree charts to download. If you would like to start tracing your family's roots, PowerPoint has the tools to make it easy to create a family tree chart of all the members in your family.

Create a Detailed Family Tree Chart in PowerPoint 2003
Create a detailed family tree chart using PowerPoint 2003 and earlier versions.

Video - Create a Family Tree Using PowerPoint
Create a family tree using PowerPoint. Personalize and share your family history and ancestry by creating a family tree using the organization chart in PowerPoint.

Black and White to Color Photo Animations in PowerPoint 2003-2007
Change photos from black and white to color using PowerPoint animations.

A Black and White to Color Photo Transition in PowerPoint
Add a visual effect by making a picture convert from black and white to color before your eyes in a PowerPoint presentation.

Create Pictures from PowerPoint Slides
PowerPoint slides can be easily converted to pictures in formats such as JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF or PNG.

5 Quick PowerPoint Tips - Graphics vs Text in PowerPoint
When to use graphics or text in PowerPoint is a question asked by many new users to PowerPoint.

Create a Watermark on PowerPoint Slides
Watermarks are faded pictures. Use watermarks as backgrounds on PowerPoint slides.

Add Rolling Credits to a PowerPoint 2003 Presentation
Rolling credits can be added easily to a PowerPoint 2003 presentation by choosing and editing one of the custom animations.

Insert Flash Movies Into PowerPoint
Insert a Flash movie into your PowerPoint presentation. This is a step by step tutorial with screen shots.

Problems Inserting Flash Movies in PowerPoint
Problems can arise when Flash object properties are missing.

Create Digital Photo Albums in PowerPoint 2003
Sort those family and/or vacation photos into a PowerPoint digital photo album.

9 Tips to Jazz Up Your Digital Photo Albums
Creating a digital photo album in PowerPoint is easy. Here are some tips to make the best digital photo album and help you jazz it up.

Troubleshooting Digital Photo Albums in PowerPoint 2003
The photo album feature in PowerPoint 2003 is a quick and easy way to make digital photo albums. However, sometimes unforeseen problems crop up.

Add an Excel Chart to Your PowerPoint Presentation
Graphics such as Excel charts can be used in PowerPoint.

Alignment of Graphic Objects in PowerPoint
The alignment of objects is a matter of a few simple steps in PowerPoint. Line up graphic objects horizontally, vertically, to the left, right, top or bottom, in relation to each other or relative to the slide.

Nudge Objects to Control Placement on PowerPoint Slides
"Nudge" objects to achieve a more precise location for your graphic object on the PowerPoint slide. Use the arrow keys on the number keypad to nudge an object left, right, up or down.

How Do I Select Hidden Objects on PowerPoint Slides?
How do you select an object on a PowerPoint slide that is currently covered by another object, without moving the top object?

How Do I Make An Invisible Button in PowerPoint?
Invisible buttons or invisible hyperlinks in PowerPoint can be made simply by using the Custom Action Button or by using an AutoShape. A great tool for classroom quizzes and games, or for business presentations.

Make Image Maps and Hotspots in PowerPoint
Make an image map in PowerPoint containing hotspots on the graphic to link to other slides or websites. Hotspots on image maps can be used to run macros or play sounds when clicked.

Hiding Background Images for Printing in PowerPoint
Hide background images on PowerPoint slides to make printed handouts clearer. Hiding background images will make text stand out on the slides.

Photos, Graphics and PowerPoint - More Advanced Features in PowerPoint
Creating effective and interesting PowerPoint presentations takes a bit of effort. This series of advanced PowerPoint tutorials talks about photos and graphics in PowerPoint.

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