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Background Color Changes Affect Font Color

Font Colors Can Change Automatically in OpenOffice Impress Presentations


Font color changes automatically with new background color in OpenOffice Impress

Font color changes automatically with new background color

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Font Colors Can Change Automatically

On page one of this tutorial, I mentioned that it is important to have good contrast on your slides, between the background color and the text color. OpenOffice Impress has a neat feature that automatically changes the text color (if necessary) to a selection that is optimal for reading the text, when you choose a different background color. However, any changes you have made manually yourself, by selecting a specific color for the text will not be affected by this automation.

In the screenshots above, note the changes on the white slide, that I made earlier in this tutorial. The title is black (original color), and I changed the bulleted text manually, to green.

The second screenshot shows the newly changed background color I have applied to the slide -- dark blue. Since I had made no color change to the title text, OpenOffice Impress automatically sensed that black would be a poor color choice for this background and changed it to white. The green bulleted text remained, since I had made that change manually.

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