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OpenOffice Impress - Free Presentation Software

Learn how to use OpenOffice Impress, a free presentation software program. Create a slide show that would rival anything made in PowerPoint. An added bonus is that Open Office Impress can open PowerPoint presentations and also Impress presentations can be saved in PowerPoint format.
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What is OpenOffice Impress?
Open Office Impress is a presentation software program that is part of a suite of programs offered free from OpenOffice.org. OpenOffice Impress is a great tool for presentations in business, classrooms, and personal use.

Beginner's Guide to OpenOffice Impress
A series of 12 tutorials for learning OpenOffice Impress, a presentation software program. This Beginner's Guide is designed for the absolute beginner.

The 9 Most Common OpenOffice Impress Terms
Learn about the most common terms used in Open Office Impress. Common presentation software terms are often confusing to a beginner. Here is a quick list of the 9 most common terms used in OpenOffice Impress and their definitions.

Getting Started With OpenOffice Impress
OpenOffice Impress is a free presentation software program from OpenOffice.org. This free tutorial will take you through getting started with your first presentation in OpenOffice Impress.

OpenOffice Impress Slide Layouts
This free tutorial will take you through the different slide layouts in OpenOffice Impress.

Different Ways to View Slides in OpenOffice Impress
This free tutorial will take you through the different ways to view your slides in OpenOffice Impress.

Background Colors for Slides in OpenOffice Impress
This free tutorial will show you how to change the background colors in OpenOffice Impress.

Change Font Colors and Styles in Open Office Impress
This free tutorial will show you how to change the font colors, styles, size and position in Open Office Impress.

Apply Slide Design Templates in OpenOffice Impress
Apply a design template to your presentation in OpenOffice Impress

Add Pictures to OpenOffice Impress Slide Presentations
Add interest to your Open Office Impress presentations by adding pictures or graphic objects.

Modify Slide Layouts in OpenOffice Impress Presentations
Modify the existing slide layouts in OpenOffice Impress to suit your needs.

Add, Delete or Move Slides in OpenOffice Impress
Add, delete or rearrange slides in Open Office Impress.

Slide Transitions in OpenOffice Impress
Slide transitions add movement to OpenOffice Impress slides.

Add Animations to OpenOffice Impress Slides
Add movement to your slides in Open Office Impress by using custom animations.

Switch Programs During a Presentation
How can I show another program during an OpenOffice Impress presentation?

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