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Adding Sounds, Music or Narration to PowerPoint 2003 Slide Shows


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Recording Sounds or Narrations
record narration in PowerPoint

Record narration in PowerPoint

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Record Sounds or Narration

Recorded narrations can be embedded into your PowerPoint presentation. This is a wonderful tool for presentations that need to run unattended, such as in a business kiosk at a trade show. You can narrate your whole speech to accompany the presentation and thereby selling your product or concept when you are unable to be there "in the flesh".

Recording sound effects enables you to add a distinctive sound or audio effect that may be important to the content of the presentation. For example, if your presentation is about auto repairs, it might be helpful to have a recording of a specific sound that would indicate a problem in the motor.

Note - For recording narrations or sound effects you must have a microphone attached to your computer.


  1. Choose Insert > Movies and Sounds > Record Sound

  2. Type a name for this recording in the Name box.

  3. Click the Record button - (the red dot) when you are ready to begin recording.

  4. Click the Stop button - (the blue square) when you are finished recording.

  5. Click the Play button - (the blue triangle) to hear the playback. If you do not like the recording, then simply start the record process again.

  6. When you are happy with the results click OK to add the sound to the slide. The sound icon will appear in the center of the slide.
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