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Adding Sounds, Music or Narration to PowerPoint 2003 Slide Shows


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Play Music or Sound Over Several PowerPoint Slides
Set specific timings for musical selections in PowerPoint

Set specific timings for musical selections in PowerPoint

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Play Sounds or Music Over Several Slides

Sometimes you want a musical selection to continue while several slides advance. This setting can be made in the Effects settings of the Play Sound dialog box.


  1. Select the Effects tab in the Play Sound dialog box.

  2. Choose when to start playing the music. You may set the music to begin playing at the beginning of the song or even set it to begin playing at a spot that is 20 seconds into the actual song rather than at the beginning. This is especially helpful if the musical selection has a lengthy introduction that you wish to skip. This method allows you to set the music to start precisely at a pre-determined place in the song.
More on Sound in PowerPoint For further information on setting timings on PowerPoint slides see this tutorial on Custom Timings and Effects for Animations.

Once your presentation is complete you may need to rehearse the timings.

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