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Optimize Photos to Use in Presentations


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Resize Your Photos to Reduce File Size
Microsoft Office Picture Manager - Predefined picture options

Microsoft Office Picture Manager - Predefined picture options

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Reduce File Sizes

Most photographers will use the highest resolution possible when taking a picture. This makes for wonderful pictures to print, but it is not the best idea to use these photos in their full size for PowerPoint presentations.

Optimizing photos by resizing them, makes the file size smaller. This makes your PowerPoint presentation run more smoothly. Pictures will still be clear and lovely on screen, but will not be monopolizing the resources of your computer at the same time.


  1. Choose Resize from the drop-down arrow in the task pane at the right of your screen.

  2. There are several options for resizing your photos. Predefined sizes offer options for the most common sizes for use on a computer.
Batch Resizing - Resize a Number of Photos at One Time
 If many or all of your photos need to be reduced to the same size, you can do this as a group, rather than one at a time. This is called Batch resizing. Simply select the group of the picture files at one time and then apply the resizing options.

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