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Embed Fonts in a PowerPoint 2010 Presentation


Can I Lock a Special Font into My PowerPoint Presentation?
Embed special fonts in a PowerPoint presentation

Embed special fonts in a PowerPoint presentation

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A question from a reader:
"I am in the process of making up three PowerPoint 2010 presentations. The subject matter is no problem, but I would very much like to use some of the beautiful fonts I have. From past experience I have had problems with fonts that are not on the computer controlling the slide show. I have tried making a JPEG of the slide but am not happy with the resulting quality. Is there any way that you know to use a particular font and lock it into the show so that it is secure?"

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Answer: Great news! By embedding the fonts into the presentation, any font will appear as you intended, whether the computer displaying the slide show has that font or not. There is a caveat though – the resultant file size will be larger when embedding the font because more resources are necessary to do so.

Steps to Embed Fonts in PowerPoint 2010 Presentations

  1. Open the presentation.
  2. Click on File tab of the ribbon.
  3. Under the Help section in the drop down list, click on the Options button.
  4. In the PowerPoint Options dialog box, click on Save in the left task pane. A variety of Save options appear in the right task pane.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the saving options to the section headed Preserve fidelity when sharing this presentation:
  6. Check the box Embed fonts in the file. Checking this box activates the two options directly below that statement. You may choose one of the following options.
    • Embed only the characters used in the presentation (best for reducing file size)
    • Embed all characters (best for editing by other people)
  7. Check the radio button beside the option of your choice.
  8. Click the OK button to apply the change and close the dialog box.


  • With the fonts now embedded in the presentation, a colleague or client can view and also use these embedded fonts to make changes to this presentation, even if the fonts are not installed on their computer.
  • Not all fonts can be embedded, so you need to be aware of the type of font you are using. Only TrueType fonts or OpenType fonts can be embedded.

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