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Use Design Templates to Coordinate Your PowerPoint 2003 Presentation

Give your presentation a professional look by using the PowerPoint design templates. Your presentation will have an all-over coordinated look.

Apply a Design Template to a PowerPoint 2003 Presentation
Using Design Templates in Microsoft PowerPoint gives a uniform look to your presentation. All slides will look like they are part of a package.

Copy a PowerPoint Design Template to Another Presentation
Sometimes it is quicker to copy a design template that is applied to another presentation than to find it in the list of PowerPoint design templates. This way you can copy the complete color scheme that may have been altered from the original design template in PowerPoint

Animation - Copy PowerPoint Design Template Formatting
Copy an existing PowerPoint design template formatting or a modified design template color scheme to a new PowerPoint presentation.

Hiding Background Images for Printing in PowerPoint
Hide background images on PowerPoint slides to make printed handouts clearer. Hiding background images will make text stand out on the slides.

Create Custom Design Templates in PowerPoint 2003
Create a custom design template for your PowerPoint presentation.

Add Slide Numbers to PowerPoint Slides
Each slide in a PowerPoint presentation can display the slide number.

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