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Use the Save As Web Page Option in PowerPoint
Save the PowerPoint presentation as a Web page

Save the PowerPoint presentation as a Web page

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Note - This PowerPoint tutorial is the last of five, step by step tutorials in a series on Web Page Design Using PowerPoint.

      In this tutorial, we are looking only at specific aspects of the Save as Web Page feature, as we want our presentation to look like a Web site. Most PowerPoint presentations that are saved as Web pages, still retain the look of a PowerPoint presentation. This is not the goal of this tutorial.

      For instructions, in general, on saving your PowerPoint presentation as a Web page, please refer to this article, Save PowerPoint Presentations as Web Pages as it contains more detailed instructions for that type of Web page presentation. PowerPoint 2000 and 2003 have the feature to save your presentation as a Web page. PowerPoint 2003 offers two methods (one method for 2000) for saving this Web page.

      Note - PowerPoint 97's similar feature - Save as HTML, is slightly different and not shown in this tutorial.

      Let's get started.

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