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Create Classroom Games and Quizzes Using Invisible Hyperlinks


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What is an Invisible Hyperlink?
Create an invisible hyperlink or invisible button over the first answer

Create an invisible hyperlink over the first answer

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Invisible hyperlinks, or hotspots, are areas of the slide, that when clicked, send the viewer to another slide in the presentation, or even to a website on the internet. The invisible hyperlink can be part of an object such as a column on a graph, or even the whole slide itself.

Invisible hyperlinks (also known as invisible buttons) make it easy to create classroom games or quizzes in PowerPoint. By clicking on an object on the slide, the viewer is sent to a response slide. This is a great feature for multiple choice quizzes or "What is?" types of questions for younger children. This can be a wonderful teaching resource tool and an easy way to integrate technology in the classroom.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make invisible hyperlinks using two similar methods. One method just takes a few more steps.

In this example, we will create an invisible hyperlink over the box containing the text Answer A, shown in the image above, which will be the correct answer to this fictional multiple choice question.

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