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Make a Family Tree in PowerPoint 2003 Using the Organization Chart


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Select a Content Layout Slide for Your Family Tree
Content Layout slides in Microsoft PowerPoint

Content Layout slides in Microsoft PowerPoint

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A Simple Family Tree

This exercise is great for young children to create a simple family tree of their immediate family. PowerPoint's Organization Chart is used in a fun way to integrate technology into the classroom.

Note - For a more detailed family tree chart, use one of these two tutorials.
Open a new PowerPoint presentation file. From the main menu, choose File > Save and save the presentation as Family Tree.

In the Title text box of the first slide, enter [Your Last Name] Family Tree and type by [Your Name] in the Subtitle text box.

Add a new slide to the presentation.

Choose A Content Layout Slide

  1. In the Slide Layout task pane shown on the right side of the screen, scroll to the section called Content Layouts if it is not already in view. Decide if you want a title on this page or not.

  2. Choose the appropriate slide layout type from the list. (You can always change your mind later).
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