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Create a Navigation Bar for the Home Page - The Virtual Amazing Race


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Add a Navigation Bar to the Slide Master
Add a navigation bar to the PowerPoint Slide Master

Add a navigation bar to the Slide Master

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Note - This PowerPoint tutorial is the fourth of five, step by step tutorials in a series on Web Page Design Using PowerPoint.

Access the Slide Master

From the menu choose View > Master > Slide Master to open the Slide Master for editing.

Note - If the Title Master is selected instead, simply click on the Slide Master in the Outline / Slides task pane at the left side of the screen.

Create the Navigation Bar

  1. Click the Text box icon on the Drawing toolbar and draw a new thin text box at the left side of the screen. This will be used for our navigation bar.

  2. Type the text for each Web page to be linked, with each entry on a separate line.

  3. The navigation bar needs to have a link back to the Home page also. Add Home as the first text entry in the bulleted list of the navigation bar.

  4. Select all the text in this text box. Choose Format > Bullets and Numbering... from the menu (or click on the bullet button on the Formatting toolbar). This will change the text entries to a bulleted list for the navigation bar.

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