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Webpage Design Lesson Plan Using PowerPoint

Webquest - The Virtual Amazing Race


This multimedia webquest and webpage design lesson plan uses PowerPoint and is suitable for grades 5 and up. It is an easy way to create webpages, especially for students who do not have access to specific web design software. No webpage design knowledge is required.

This lesson plan consists of two parts -

  1. Webquest Research
    • The Virtual Amazing Race is the research webquest part of the project. Students will use the Internet to gather information on nine different topics, including travel, adventure, health, nutrition and general information, from the URLs listed on the Resource page of this article. My suggestion to teachers is that at least three topics must be health related.

  2. Creating the Website
    • Younger grades can then add their findings to the PowerPoint template I have created, which is the complete presentation file. Once their data has been entered into the template, they will save their PowerPoint presentation as a webpage.

    • Higher grades will do the same webquest research and then will create the complete website following the five step by step tutorials listed below. They will add their findings into nine topic pages and then save the presentation as a webpage.
This project is a fun and easy way for teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms. The topics suggested can cover a wide range of necessary curriculum expectations including health, Internet research, geography, travel and nutrition to name just a few.

Lesson Plan Rubric - Refer to the Downloads section at the bottom of Page 3 for a Rubric in PDF format

Webquest - The Virtual Amazing Race

Webpage Design Using PowerPoint

Instructional Goal
Upon completion of this webquest and webpage design lesson unit -

  • Students will demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of a variety of research topics including three health related areas, from their Internet webquest research.

  • Students will demonstrate their newly acquired skills to use electronic software by -
    • Younger Grades - adding their webquest research findings to the website template created in PowerPoint and saving it in a webpage format.

    • Older Grades – creating the website from scratch, using PowerPoint and then adding their webquest research findings to the website and saving it in a webpage format.

Part 1 - Research Topics for the Virtual Amazing Race

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