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Business Lesson Plan - The Ergonomic Computer Workstation Setup

How to Set Up an Ergonomic Computer Workstation


Ergonomic chair

Ergonomic desk chair

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Business Lesson Plan

Introduce technology in the classroom with this business lesson plan on an ergonomic computer workstation setup for home or office use -- suitable for grades 6 and up. Students will follow step by step tutorials to use Windows Movie Maker to show their findings. It is particularly well suited as a business lesson plan, being comprised of a research and practical project for the high school Business curriculum. Students in younger grades can utilize the information for an ergonomic computer setup in their homes.

Ergonomic Computer Workstation Setup

Instructional Goal
Upon completion of this lesson unit
  • Students will have a new knowledge and understanding of what makes a good ergonomic computer workstation setup (or an ergonomic laptop setup used as a workstation) and why this is important from a health point of view.
  • Students will demonstrate their newly acquired skills to use electronic software by creating a short video presentation on this subject using Windows Movie Maker.
  • A written report on their findings will demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of an ergonomic computer workstation and related health issues.

Part 1

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  1. What is Ergonomics? Give a brief description of ergonomics and why it is an important topic in today's world.

  2. Research the following computer workstation items in order to set up an ergonomic computer workstation or an ergonomic laptop used as a desktop workstation.
    • chair
    • mouse
    • keyboard
    • wrist supports
    • monitors
    • desk

  3. When researching these items, look for information on the effects of computer use and -
  4. Collect photos of proper and improper workstation setups, keyboards, mice, chairs, and posture based on your research findings.

Part 2

Using their research information, students will use Windows Movie Maker to create a short movie on their ergonomic findings.

The movie will include

The following 5 Windows Movie Maker Tutorials will take students through all the steps necessary to complete their movie.

Note - These instructional tutorials can be used to create a movie on any topic. For the purpose of this business lesson plan, the illustrations shown are those pertaining to an ergonomic computer workstation, but the instructions would be the same to create any movie in Windows Movie Maker.

Creating a Movie in Windows Movie Maker

  1. Import Pictures into Windows Movie Maker
    • What you need -
      • photos or other graphics collected during the research and saved on the computer to import into Windows Movie Maker

  2. Add Music or Sounds
    • What you need -
      • music and / or ambient sound files to import

  3. Add Narration to the Movie
    • What you need -
      • microphone

  4. Add Video Transitions and Video Effects
    • No special requirements needed

  5. Add Titles, Credits and Any Other Text to Your Movie
    • No special requirements needed
      • Adding Text
        • Simple descriptive text can be added using the Titles and Credits feature. Choose the option to add a title. For large text, use the title box and for smaller text use the subtitle box.
        • add a title and subtitle to the movie
        • add rolling credits to the movie
Written Report
Write a one page summary in a word processor program, of your findings that clearly demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of an ergonomic computer workstation and related health issues.

The video presentation will demonstrate the student’s ability to use electronic software as a presentation tool in the working environment.

The written report will convey his/her knowledge and understanding of what makes an ergonomically correct work environment. Students will also discuss health issues that can arise as a result of poor ergonomic conditions.

Lesson Plan Rubric
Download Business Lesson Plan Rubric - The Ergonomic Computer Workstation as a PDF document.

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