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Slide Sorter View in PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress
Slide sorter view in PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress is a window that displays thumbnail versions of all your slides, arranged in horizontal rows. This view is ...
PowerPoint Slide Sorter View - Presentation Software - About.com
Slide Sorter View shows a miniature version of all slides, in horizontal rows. These miniature versions of the slides are called thumbnails. Slides can be easily  ...
Slide Sorter View in PowerPoint 2010 - Presentation Software
PowerPoint slide sorter view shows miniature versions of all the slides in horizontal rows.
Move Slides in Slide Sorter View - Presentation Software - About.com
Steps to move slides in Slide Sorter view. Click on the slide you wish to move. Drag the slide to the new location. A vertical line appears as you drag the slide.
Use Slide Sorter View to Delete PowerPoint 2010 Slides
Slide sorter view shows thumbnail versions of the PowerPoint 2010 slides.
Move Slides in Slide Sorter View - Presentation Software - About.com
Slide sorter view also shows thumbnails of all the slides in your presentation. Steps to Move Slides in Slide Sorter View. Click on the slide you wish to move.
Slide Show View, Slide Sorter View, and Notes View in Microsoft ...
Press F5, Slide Show - From Beginning, or the presentation screen icon in the lower right of the screen. Slide Sorter View is nice because it shows small ...
Move Slides in OpenOffice Impress - Move slides with slide sorter in ...
Slide Sorter view shows thumbnail pictures of each of your slides. This view allows you to quickly scan your slides and rearrange them if necessary. Click on the ...
PowerPoint Outline View - Slide Views in PowerPoint
Outline view shows all the text of all slides in a list on the left of the ... Miniature versions or Thumbnails of slides show in Slide Sorter View - Wendy Russell.
Creating the Summary Slide in Slide Sorter View - Web Style ...
Once your slides have been created, it is time to make the Summary Slide for the web style presentation. Change to Slide Sorter view. Two ways of accessing ...
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