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What is a Slide Show - Presentation Software - About.com
Definition: Slide shows have come a long way since those shown on the slide projectors of old. Many digital presentations, such as those created in PowerPoint  ...
12 Tips About PowerPoint Slide Shows - Presentation Software
A dozen tips about PowerPoint slide shows. Make the most out of your PowerPoint shows with these twelve tips.
Save Sounds That Are Embedded in PowerPoint Slide Shows
Sounds are often embedded in PowerPoint slide shows. There is an easy solution to saving sounds that are embedded in PowerPoint slide shows.
PowerPoint Slide Shows - Watch the Complete PowerPoint Slide
There are several different ways to watch the slide show in PowerPoint.
End PowerPoint Slide Shows with a Black Slide
End your PowerPoint slide show with a black slide. This indicates to the audience , in a professional way, that the show is over.
Using Create Custom Shows in PowerPoint - Presentation Software
A custom show is a slide presentation that is made using slides that you had already created in the same, much larger presentation. By choosing only a select  ...
Photoshop Elements 6 New Features and Screen Shots - Slide Shows
Slide Shows are another feature that has seen quite a bit of improvement. Even without Premiere Elements, you can create slide shows with transitions, pan and  ...
Software to Create Slide Shows and Photo Albums for Windows
Windows software to create photo slide shows, interactive photo albums, and other presentations that can be distributed via the Web, email, CD, VCD, and DVD.
Copy and Save All Pictures From PowerPoint Slide Shows
This is an easy solution to extract and save all the photos in a PowerPoint slide show.
What is a Custom Show - Presentation Software - About.com
All About PowerPoint Custom Shows ... as Pictures · How to Converting PowerPoint 2010 Slide Shows to Word Documents · What is Microsoft PowerPoint?
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