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Use PowerPoint Slide Finder to Copy Frequently Used Slides to ...
PowerPoint Slide Finder is a useful tool to quickly locate a specific slide. Copy the slide to another presentation or add it to your list of favorite slides to reuse ...
Using PowerPoint Slide Finder to Keep Track of Favorite Presentations
PowerPoint Slide Finder has an option to add favorite presentations that you use frequently to a"List of Favorites" in Slide Finder.
Use PowerPoint Slide Finder to Browse for a Specific Presentation
The Slide Finder in PowerPoint lets you quickly browse for the specific presentation file you want.
PowerPoint Slide Finder - Slides Retain Formatting of Original ...
When using PowerPoint Slide Finder, there are two options for slide formatting. To retain the formatting of the original presentation, make sure to check the Keep  ...
Slide Previews Appear in PowerPoint Slide Finder
Slide Previews Appear. Once you have selected the correct PowerPoint presentation, slide previews, and corresponding slide names appear in the Slide Finder ...
Use PowerPoint Slide Finder to Insert Slides into Current Presentation
When using Slide Finder in PowerPoint, you can choose to insert one or more, or all of the slides in the presentation.
Multiple Slide Previews in PowerPoint Slide Finder
PowerPoint Slide Finder offers multiple views of slides in PowerPoint presentations.
Larger Slide Previews in PowerPoint Slide Finder
PowerPoint Slide Finder offers larger previews of slides as well as showing slide titles.
Reuse Slides From Other PowerPoint Presentations
In PowerPoint 2003, the feature to reuse slides is called Slide Finder. This tutorial will take you through the steps to copy slides from one presentation to another.
Different Methods to Copy Slides in PowerPoint
Slide Finder helps you quickly locate specific slides in your saved presentations. Once you have found the slide you need, you can quickly copy it to your newest ...
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