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Choose Widescreen Size for PowerPoint 2003 - Presentation Software
Set the height and width measurements in PowerPoint 2003 for widescreen.
Choose Widescreen Size for PowerPoint 2007 - Presentation Software
There are two different widescreen size ratios to choose from in PowerPoint.
Set Up for Widescreen in PowerPoint 2007 - Presentation Software
Set up for widescreen in PowerPoint 2007. ... Widescreen Format in PowerPoint Presentations ... Access Page Setup to change to widescreen in PowerPoint.
PowerPoint Fits Widescreen Presentations to Your Screen
Widescreen PowerPoint presentations can still be shown on monitors or projectors that are not formatted for widescreen.
Widescreen Format in PowerPoint Presentations
Create your PowerPoint presentation in a widescreen format.
Sample PowerPoint Slide Formatted in Widescreen
Sample of a widescreen PowerPoint presentation slide.
12 Tips for PowerPoint Slide Show Presentations
... slide shows. Make the most out of your PowerPoint shows with these twelve tips. ... Widescreen in PowerPoint can have its advantages. Image Wendy ...
Download Microsoft's Free PowerPoint 2013 Quick Start Guide
Microsoft offers a free PowerPoint 2013 Quick Start Guide, a downloadable, printable resource you can keep close at hand.
New Widescreen Default in PowerPoint 2013 - Office / Software Suites
Experience a new widescreen default in PowerPoint 2013, at a ratio of 16:9. Past versions of the presentation program had you editing in a screen ration of 4:3.
Learn How to Use PowerPoint 2007
The PowerPoint 2007 redesigned user interface (commonly referred to as UI) is easier to use and optimized for the most common tasks. Contextual menus make  ...
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