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Presentation Glossary - PowerPoint Definitions
Presentation definitions. Common terminology used in programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker are listed here. Navigate through this ...
What Is a PowerPoint Presentation? - Definition
The term "PowerPoint presentation" was coined when Microsoft introduced its software program PowerPoint. PowerPoint is commonly used by presenters as a  ...
The 10 Most Common PowerPoint Terms - Presentation Software
Common PowerPoint terms are often confusing to a beginner. Here is a quick list of the 10 most common terms used in PowerPoint and their definitions.
What is the Definition of PowerPoint Viewer - Presentation Software
The PowerPoint Viewer is a small add-in program from Microsoft that allows a PowerPoint presentation to be played on any computer.
Common PowerPoint 2010 Terms - Presentation Software - About.com
A quick list of the most common PowerPoint 2010 terms. ... PowerPoint 2010 Quick List of Common Terms and Definitions. By Wendy Russell. Share this.
The 10 Most Common PowerPoint 2007 Terms - Presentation ...
PowerPoint 2007 has a few new terms that were not present in earlier versions of PowerPoint. Learn about the 10 most common terms and definitions used in ...
What is the Definition of a Text Box
In PowerPoint and other presentation software, you cannot simply start typing on a slide. Text must be added to a text box, which is a graphic object. The text box ...
PowerPoint - Definition of Master Slide - Presentation Software
The default design template when you first start a PowerPoint presentation, is a plain, white slide. This plain, white slide and the font choices used on it were ...
Definition of PowerPoint Ribbon - Presentation Software - About.com
The Ribbon is part of the new user interface of PowerPoint.
Slide Transition - Glossary Definition
Slide transitions are the visual movements as one slide changes to another. Many different slide transitions are available in programs such as PowerPoint or  ...
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