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Picture Effects and Photo Editing on PowerPoint Slides
Jazz up the photos in your PowerPoint slide show by adding artistic picture effects.
Grayscale Image with Color Picture Effects in PowerPoint 2010
Many times I have seen (and I am sure that you have too), a picture that is part black and white and part color and wondered how to get this picture effect.
Sample of Picture with PowerPoint 3D Artistic Effects
Sample of picture on a PowerPoint slide with 3D effects applied.
Select PowerPoint Artistic Effects for Photos - Presentation Software
Select Artistic Effects for Pictures on PowerPoint Slides. Navigate to the appropriate slide. Click on the photo to select it. Click on the Picture Tools tab above the ...
Sample of Picture with PowerPoint Artistic Effects
In the image shown above, this picture on the slide has had two different artistic effects applied - reflection and soft edges. To achieve these same effects, follow ...
iMovie Photo Editing - Add Visual Effects to Photos in iMovie
iMovie photo editing tutorial. All of the cool video effects included in iMovie can be applied to photos as well.
Picture Style Options and Presets in Microsoft Office
Picture Styles can be applied to Microsoft Office documents, usually around the ... at a bunch of presets, or find the following tools by selecting Picture Effects.
Remove the Background of the PowerPoint Picture
Remove the background of the picture on the PowerPoint slide. ... Grayscale and Color Picture Effects in PowerPoint 2010. By Wendy Russell · Presentation ...
Artistic Effects for Images or Pictures in Microsoft Office
Artistic Effects can be applied to images in Microsoft Office, making them appear to ... Picture Style Options and Presets in Microsoft Office · Remove Image Fill or ...
Send Stacked Picture to Back on PowerPoint Slide
Send the grayscale picture behind the color picture on the PowerPoint slide. ... Grayscale and Color Picture Effects in PowerPoint 2010. By Wendy Russell.
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