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Photo Tips for PowerPoint 2007 Presentations - Presentation Software
Photos are standard in any good PowerPoint presentation. A single photo can get your point across with a greater impact than any number of text slides.
Compress Photos in PowerPoint to Reduce Overall File Size
Jan 28, 2013 ... A PowerPoint presentation without photos (or other graphics) is a snooze. If you are only going to display facts and text in your slide show, then ...
Crop Pictures to Reduce File Size in PowerPoint
Crop your pictures before inserting into PowerPoint to reduce the overall file size.
Stickout Photos on PowerPoint Slides - Presentation Software
Add a little extra effect to your photos on PowerPoint slides, by making parts of the photo stick out for greater emphasis.
Compress Pictures in PowerPoint 2010 - Photo Compression
Photo compression in PowerPoint reduces the file size and is a great tool for emailing your presentations.
Format Photos in PowerPoint - Picture Formatting in PowerPoint
Format the photo in PowerPoint by changing to grayscale.
Create Digital Photo Albums in PowerPoint 2010
Create a digital photo album in PowerPoint. Once completed, you can save the presentation to use as an online digital photo album and post it to the web.
Using Pictures, Clip Art and Other Graphics in PowerPoint
Information, tutorials and articles about PowerPoint pictures. Using pictures, clip art, images and photos in PowerPoint.
PowerPoint 2010 Compress Pictures Dialog Box
Options for compressing photos in PowerPoint 2010.
PowerPoint Images Resolution - Presentation Software - About.com
What is the largest resolution for pictures in a PowerPoint presentation?
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