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Password Protecting PowerPoint 2007 Files - Presentation Software
Presentation software security tips: Learn how to secure your PowerPoint 2007 presentations and documents using password protection.
Password Protect PowerPoint Presentations - Presentation Software
Password protect your PowerPoint presentations. Keep others from changing or seeing sensitive PowerPoint presentations. Great option for those presentations ...
How to Apply Security in PowerPoint Presentations
Password Protection in PowerPoint 2007. The encryption feature in PowerPoint, listed above, adds only a password to open the presentation. The password ...
Password Protection - Protect Files and Fold - Web Design/HTML
Password protection is a bit more complicated than turning off right clicking or setting up simple forms. Most web servers have password protection of some type ...
HTAccess - Password Protection - Web Design/HTML - About.com
HTaccess is a way to password protect your website files and directories. It only works on Linux and Unix web servers, but it is very useful and gives you a lot of ...
Password Protection -- Assigning Password Protection to Your Files
Worried that prying eyes may want to read what you're up to? Then you might want to think about assigning password protection to your documents.
Use HTAccess to Password Protect Your Web Pages
Password protection prompts generally show up before you access the page. This is an example of a password protection prompt coming from the server via ...
Protecting Mac Word Documents With Passwords - Word Processing
You can do that in Word for Mac by assigning a password to your sensitive ... Password protection is not as strong as encryption, but it will keep out casual ...
Password Protect an Access 2007 Database - About Databases
Password protecting an Access database allows you to protect your sensitive data from prying eyes. In this tutorial, we walk you through the process.
Password Protect a Word 2008 Document - Word Processing
Fortunately, it is easy to protect a Word document. Word' password protection feature may not keep out seasoned hackers. But, it will keep your work safe from  ...
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