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Technology in the Classroom - Multimedia Lesson Plans
Meet curriculum expectations in elementary and secondary schools using PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker lesson plans to make learning fun.
Webquest Lesson Plan - Webpage Design Using PowerPoint
This multimedia Webquest and Webpage design lesson plan uses PowerPoint and is suitable for grades 5 and up. It is an easy way to create webpages, ...
Lesson Plans and Other Teaching Resources for Powerpoint
Free Multimedia Lesson Plans for Classroom Use (PowerPoint) · Elementary and Secondary School lessons using multimedia. Make it fun to learn in your ...
Windows Movie Maker Lesson Plans - Presentation Software
Windows Movie Maker is an easy computer program to use to integrate technology into the classroom. These multimedia tutorials and lesson plans take you ...
PowerPoint Lesson Plans for the Classroom - Presentation Software
These multimedia tutorials and lesson plans take you through the steps to use PowerPoint in the classroom and to do specific tasks such as create a family tree,  ...
How to Make a Multimedia Presentation in English Class
In depth feature on how to create a multimedia presentation as an ESL project for ... Video Games - Young Learners Lesson Plan · BRAIN friendly English ...
Creating a Multimedia Presentation as an ESL EFL Project
In depth feature on how to create a multimedia presentation as an ESL project ... Students are used to multimedia in EFL class. ... How to plan ESL lesson plans.
Music Education Lesson Plans - Music and Math
Connect With Music - Has various lesson plans using music, multimedia and technology to teach math facts like decimals, fractions and more. Level: Middle ...
Free Intermediate English Writing Lesson Plans
Free English writing lesson plans for beginning, intermediate and advanced level of English ... How to Make a Multimedia Presentation in Your English Class.
Lesson Plans Using Desktop Publishing
Locate desktop publishing lesson plans for K-12 teachers and others. Use these lesson plans ... Multimedia Lessons by Tonya Skinner · These lessons include ...
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