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Advanced PowerPoint Tutorials 1 - Photos, Graphics and PowerPoint
Photos and graphics make your presentation more effective and interesting. This series of advanced PowerPoint tutorials talks about photos and graphics in ...
PowerPoint 2007 Graphics - Presentation Software - About.com
Graphics such as drawings, clip art or graphs are frequently used in PowerPoint to get the point across visually. These ten PowerPoint graphics tips will aid you ...
Graphics or Text in PowerPoint - When to Use Graphics or Text in ...
When to use graphics or text in PowerPoint is a question asked by many new users to PowerPoint.
Hiding PowerPoint 2007 Background Graphics for Printing
Hide PowerPoint background images on slides to make printed handouts clearer. Hiding background graphics will make text stand out on the slides.
Hiding Background Graphics in PowerPoint - Presentation Software
Hide PowerPoint background images on slides to make printed handouts clearer. Hiding background graphics will make text stand out on the slides.
Extract Pictures or Graphics from PowerPoint 2010 Shows
Extract pictures or graphics that are embedded in a PowerPoint 2010 file.
Hide Background Graphics on Design Themes in PowerPoint 2010
Hiding the background graphics is an option when using design themes in PowerPoint 2010.
Using Pictures, Clip Art and Other Graphics in PowerPoint
Information, tutorials and articles about PowerPoint pictures. Using pictures, clip ... Using Pictures, Clip Art or Other Graphic Images in PowerPoint. Information ...
How to Use Background Colors and Graphics in PowerPoint 2010 ...
Does your PowerPoint presentation lack some punch? In this video tutorial from About.com, learn how to change your slide background color or add a ...
PowerPoint 2010 Background Colors and Graphics
Add a background solid color, gradient fill or picture to your PowerPoint 2010 slides.
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