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Encrypt PowerPoint Presentations - Encryption in PowerPoint
Encryption can be added to PowerPoint to keep others from accessing your presentation(s). Any viewer wishing to open this presentation will have to enter a  ...
How to Encrypt Your Files With TrueCrypt - Mobile Office - About.com
Easy step-by-step directions on how to protect your files and folders with the free, open-source encryption program TrueCrypt.
Encrypting Files with TrueCrypt Part 2: Create a New File Container
Your 3 options in the wizard are to: a) create a “file container,” which is a virtual disk to store the files and folders you wish to protect, b) format and encrypt an ...
ENCRYPTED File (What It Is & How To Open One) - PC Support
Did you find an ENCRYPTED file on your computer and wonder what program should open it? Maybe someone emailed you an ENCRYPTED file but you're not  ...
Encrypting Files with TrueCrypt Part 5: Set the Size of Your File ...
Be careful when setting the size of your encrypted file container in TrueCrypt.
Using Windows EFS (Encrypted File System) - Security - About.com
Windows EFS (Encrypted File System) can help you add extra security and protection for your files to make sure that unauthorized users are unable to view or ...
Encrypting Files with TrueCrypt Part 7 - Mobile Office - About.com
Encrypt files with random mouse movements in TrueCrypt.
Encrypting Files with TrueCrypt Part 4: Select the Volume Type
Click Select File... to choose a filename and location for this file container, which will actually be a file on your hard disk or storage device. Warning: do not select ...
Encrypting Files with TrueCrypt Part 8: Use Your Encrypted File ...
How to use encrypted file volumes made with TrueCrypt to safely store sensitive information.
Crypt PHP - data encryption - file encryption - PHP/MySQL - About.com
The crypt () function encrypts data in PHP. Data encryption through crypt is one way.
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