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Encrypt PowerPoint Presentations - Encryption in PowerPoint
Encryption can be added to PowerPoint to keep others from accessing your presentation(s). Any viewer wishing to open this presentation will have to enter a  ...
How to Encrypt Your Files With TrueCrypt - Mobile Office Technology
Download TrueCrypt, a Free File Encryption Program ... protecting your personal and business information is easy with the free encryption program TrueCrypt.
Encrypting Files with TrueCrypt Part 2: Create a New File Container
Create a secure file container in TrueCrypt. ... a New File Container. TrueCrypt encryption program main window - Melanie Pinola. TrueCrypt encryption program ...
Using Windows EFS (Encrypted File System) - Security - About.com
Microsoft Windows XP comes with the ability to securely encrypt your data so that nobody but you will be able to access or view the files. This encryption is called ...
Crypt PHP - data encryption - file encryption - PHP/MySQL - About.com
Definition: They Crypt () Function is used for data encryption using an one way algorithm. It is phrased as: string crypt (string input_string , string salt).
Simple File Encryption / Decryption in Delphi - About.com
File encryption is a process that makes (your) files protected in a way that they cannot be viewed by others. The most common use of file encryption is to protect  ...
How Can I Protect My Microsoft Office Files? - Security - About.com
Short of encrypting or securing every single file on the system, you can also use the built-in encryption capabilities of Microsoft Office to protect specific files.
Encrypting Files with TrueCrypt Part 5: Set the Size of Your File ...
Be careful when setting the size of your encrypted file container in TrueCrypt. ... More Free Encryption Software (About Net Security) · TrueCrypt.org. Ads. &ensp.
TrueCrypt v7.1a Review (Free Full Disk Encryption Tool) - PC Support
TrueCrypt is the best free full disk encryption program you can download. A password combined with one or more keyfiles can secure every file and folder on an ...
Encrypting Files with TrueCrypt Part 7 - Mobile Office Technology
The random mouse movements help increase the strength of the encryption. The program will show you a progress bar as it creates the container. TrueCrypt will ...
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