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Family Trees Using the PowerPoint Organization Chart
Make a simple family tree in PowerPoint. The Organization Chart in Microsoft PowerPoint is primarily used in business to show the company structure. Use it in a ...
Celebrity Family Trees - Genealogies of Famous Celebrities
Browse family trees and genealogies for famous actors, actresses, musicians, singers, comedians, and other famous celebrities from stage and screen.
Famous Family Trees - Celebrity Trees & Famous Folk - Genealogy
Explore the ancestry and family trees of fun and fascinating people, including royalty, nobility, presidents, famous historical figures, famous women, Greek and  ...
Presidential Family Trees - Genealogies of the US Presidents
Genealogies and family trees for all 43 presidents (George Washington - George Walker Bush) from a variety of sources.
Family Trees of Fiction - Genealogies of Fictional Characters from ...
Sort out complex fictional relationships with these family trees of fictional characters including Donald Duck, soap opera characters (Days of Our Lives, Passions, ...
African American Family Trees - Genealogies of Notable Blacks in ...
Explore the fascinating family trees of some of the most celebrated African Americans in history including comedian Bill Cosby, singer Dionne Warwick, boxer ...
Presidential Family Trees: Genealogies of US Presidents - Genealogy
More than 100 million Americans have family ties to at least one of the 43 U.S. presidents. Are you one of them? Learn how to research your presidential ...
Five Golden Rules for Growing Family Trees - Genealogy - About.com
It's a fact of life. Trees can't live without light, water, air, and food. While fancy fertilizers and high-tech bug killers are nice, all trees really need to survive are the ...
Correcting Errors Found in Online Family Trees
Most of us have done some shoddy research at one time or the other, or just have found some new clues which indicate our previous assumptions were in error.
Family Trees of Famous Women - About Genealogy
Explore family trees and biographies of famous women throughout history.
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