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Password Protecting PowerPoint 2007 Files - Presentation Software
Presentation software security tips: Learn how to secure your PowerPoint 2007 presentations and documents using password protection.
How to Apply Security in PowerPoint Presentations
Security in PowerPoint is a concern when your presentation contains sensitive or ... Why Should You Convert a PowerPoint Presentation to a Word Document?
How Can I Protect My Microsoft Office Files? - Security - About.com
For Microsoft Word documents (Word 2000 and newer), you can choose a higher level of security when saving a file. Rather than simply clicking "Save", click ...
Protecting Mac Word Documents With Passwords - Word Processing
When you're working on a document that contains personal data, you may ... In the security section, type a password in the box labeled “password to modify” 2.
Working With Passwords in Apple's iWork Pages - Word Processing
When working on sensitive documents in iWork Pages, you need to protect them. ... Using Word Processing Software on a Mac · Security and Data Storage ...
How to Redact a PDF File - Business Security - About.com
Redacting a pdf file allows you to keep your document's formatting while hiding sensitive information. Redaction can and should be used to cover information ...
Password Protect a Word 2008 Document - Word Processing
It isn't uncommon for Word documents to contain sensitive information. ... Mac Security: Protecting Against Malicious Macros · Checking Document Compatibility ...
Your Files are Not Secure - Don't Rely on Security Through Obscurity
If you put a file on a website, search engines can find it and make it visible to anyone, even your competitors. You have to protect files with active protection not  ...
Removing Personal Information from Word Documents
Removing Personal Information from Word Documents ... Information such as who worked on a document, who commented on a ... Click the Security tab 3.
Saving a Document as a PDF in Mac OS X - Word Processing
You don't need special software to create PDF files in Mac OS X. Apple has ... Click Security Options if you would like to password protect your PDF document or ...
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