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Compress Pictures in PowerPoint 2010 - Photo Compression
Photo compression in PowerPoint reduces the file size and is a great tool for emailing your presentations.
PowerPoint 2010 Compress Pictures Dialog Box
Options for compressing photos in PowerPoint 2010.
Compress Photos in PowerPoint 2003 - Presentation Software
The file size of PowerPoint presentations containing large photos can be dramatically reduced by compressing the photos in the presentation.
Compress Pictures in Microsoft Office - Office / Software Suites
Take advantage of the Compress Pictures function, to make overall file size more manageable. Here's how.
Compress Photo Options - Choose Options to Compress Pictures in ...
Choose how to compress photos in PowerPoint. Reduce the resolution to get a greater file size reduction when you compress pictures. Email smaller ...
The Pitfalls of JPEG Compression & How to Deal With It
Most mid- to low-range digital cameras save images to the storage card in JPEG format. This is a compressed file format that permanently, irreversibly loses ...
Picture Settings to Compress Photos in PowerPoint 2007
By default PowerPoint 2007 assumes that you will want to compress all photos in the presentation. If you wish to compress only the selected photo, check the ...
How To Reduce the Size of Photos for Online Use - Graphics Software
Some software can even resize, compress, and generate complete photo galleries for posting on the Web. And there are specialized tools for both of these  ...
Controlling Image Sizes in Word - Word Processing - About.com
If you want to use Word to edit photos, or even if you frequently include images in your Word document, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the “Compress ...
Compress Photos in PowerPoint to Reduce Overall File Size
Jan 28, 2013 ... A PowerPoint presentation without photos (or other graphics) is a snooze. ... You can compress one or all of the photos with a feature that is in ...
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