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Open the PowerPoint Clipboard Task Pane - Presentation Software
The clipboard used in PowerPoint, can be a really useful tool to speed up your presentation making. The last 24 items that you have copied (or cut), from any ...
Use a Photo on the Clipboard as a PowerPoint Background
Copy a photo to the clipboard and then use it as a PowerPoint background.
Delete Objects Copied to the Clipboard in PowerPoint
At times you may wish to free up some space on the clipboard as it holds only twenty-four items. Hover your mouse over the object on the clipboard task pane.
How to Use the Excel Clipboard - Copy Multiple Items - Spreadsheets
This tutorial shows you how to use the clipboard in Excel to simplify re-entering frequently used data.
Listening to the Clipboard: Clipboard Delphi Spy with Custom ...
It does so, behind the scenes, with the Clipboard. One of the nice things about Delphi is that it gives us quick and easy access to clipboard functions, formats, ...
The Office Clipboard: Displaying the Expanded Clipboard
Many users appreciate the expanded clipboard that Microsoft has introduced to recent versions of Word. It allows you to copy multiple items and then paste them  ...
Clipboard Basics (Cut / Copy / Paste) - Delphi Code - About.com
The Windows Clipboard represents the container for any text or graphics that are cut, copied or pasted from or to an application. This article will show you how to ...
Clipboard - Spreadsheet Terms - Clipboard Definition - Spreadsheets
Mar 13, 2014 ... Definition of the term clipboard as used in spreadsheets such as Excel and Google Spreadsheets.
Listening the Clipboard - code - Delphi - About.com
{Article: Listening the Clipboard Extending the clipboard's flexibility and functionality from Delphi. Taking control over the Clipboard with custom formats. Coding ...
How to Turn a Clipboard into a Chalkboard - Family Crafts - About.com
Follow these instructions and you can make your own personalized clipboard using chalkboard paint and a few other supplies.
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