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Convert PowerPoint Presentations to Word Documents

Monday April 29, 2013
You have been making presentations for months now and your boss has confidence in your skills at using PowerPoint. He just wants to have a heads up about the content of your presentation. Rather than email him the whole PowerPoint presentation, why not just convert it to a Word document? He will get a handout of the content -- you can even choose to include thumbnails of the slides and your speaker notes.

This method of converting your PowerPoint presentation to a Word document is, in my opinion, a quicker way to create printed handouts for the audience, when your presentation is complete. For those who like a quick video on this, see video on how to Convert PowerPoint Presentations to Word Documents.

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Why Won't Music Start to Play on First PowerPoint Slide?

Sunday April 28, 2013
The first slide loads and then the music is supposed to play. But ... no sound is heard until the fourth or fifth slide? Why? The audio file was inserted on the first slide and all the settings seemed to be set correctly.

On closer investigation, there are some other factors that might be at play here. Read more about Why the Music Won't Start to Play on First PowerPoint Slide.

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Using YouTube Videos with PowerPoint

Tuesday April 23, 2013
YouTube videos are easy to add to your PowerPoint presentations. Using YouTube in PowerPointYou may link to live YouTube videos on the web or download and embed YouTube videos right in your PowerPoint presentations.

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The 10 Most Common Presentation Mistakes

Thursday April 18, 2013
Many professionals have made some of the most dreadful presentations -- for a variety of reasons -- which can range from the person who mumbles, to the one who talks too fast, to the one who just wasn't prepared. But perhaps nothing is as irritating as the person who misuses and abuses presentation software.

So, don't be the presenter that everyone wants to avoid. See if you are guilty of any of the 10 Most Common Presentation Mistakes.

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Still Another 5 More Tips to Make Better Presentations

Monday April 15, 2013
First we started with five tips to get the most out of your presentations. Then we added five more tips and now here are yet another five tips to make your presentation life easier. Check these out.

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Switch Programs During a Presentation

Thursday April 11, 2013
At times during a presentation, you may wish to pause your slide show to quickly visit another screen -- perhaps another program or simply a live webpage -- to illustrate your point. This is when it is handy to know a few common shortcut keys. If you have never used the Alt key before, you now will have a reason to.

Read more on how to quickly Switch Programs During a Presentation.

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Using PowerPoint Undo Command

Monday April 8, 2013
If only ... undoing mistakes in everyday life was as easy as using the PowerPoint "Undo" command. The Undo command will soon become your new best friend. If only ... other commands were so resourceful.

The Undo command in PowerPoint gives you peace of mind because it allows you to correct your most recent mistakes. The default setting keeps the last twenty actions in memory for your corrections if necessary. These options are available to you:
  • undo the most recent error(s)
  • undo an error several steps back
  • change the default number of undos allowed
Read more on Using PowerPoint 2010 Undo Command

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What to Do With Those Photographs

Thursday April 4, 2013
While attending a wedding recently, I was fascinated watching the photographer get the group into all sorts of settings for wonderful results. Really, what would a wedding (or other big event for that matter) be without photography?PowerPoint digital photo albums

Whether you are getting great shots of the wedding of your niece, the beautiful gardens around or the kids at play, you end up with lots of digital pictures. So how can you organize them?

PowerPoint has a wonderful feature that makes it a snap (I couldn't resist) to create a digital photo album in no time. There is no limit to the number of photos you can add to your album or the number of albums you can create. (Just a hint though -- try to reduce the file size of your photos before adding them to your photo album).

Customize a PowerPoint Placeholder

Monday April 1, 2013
A Question from a Reader:
"I am designing a template for a very large group of people. The point is to standardize the presentation to all look alike (same fonts, bullets, lists, etc.). Is it possible to have ONE placeholder that contains the correct format for plain text; bullets: font, size, color and icon; and a numbered list style: font, size, color, icon."

The quick answer is "yes". Read more on how to Customize a PowerPoint Placeholder.

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Edit Video Clips in Windows Movie Maker

Thursday March 28, 2013
It's becoming easier and easier to use a video camera and then download the video clips to your computer to save as a movie. You can import these movie clips into Windows Movie Maker, add transitions and effects and voila! An instant movie. But ... what if you really want to fine tune the video you captured from your camera, by editing out some of the parts you recorded? Well, all you have to do is quickly edit these video clips in Windows Movie Maker.

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